New patient consultation



Check–up (regular patient)



Dental hygienist, (£32 per 20 min.) or scale and polish



Digital X–rays

£20 – £80


Fillings (silver amalgam)

£45 – £150


Fillings (tooth–coloured)

£40 – £150


Root fillings

From £132 


Crowns and bridge units

From £370 



From £52 



From £295


Denture repair

From £45

 Treatment  charged  by  time

Tooth whitening



A Dental Care Plan for you

We offer a Dental Care Plan option that, for a fixed monthly fee, covers most routine treatments you may require. The only things not covered are cosmetic treatment such as whitening, tooth implants, and technician fees for crowns/bridges/dentures. The Plan also gives you insurance against any dental injury and provides worldwide emergency cover.

There are different levels of monthly payment depending on how much treatment we assess you are likely to need. This is determined once we have examined you and carried out any necessary work to make you dentally ‘fit’.

You have to be seen as a new patient before we can offer this option.

Medical history

If you are a new patient to Apsley Dental Practicewe require you to complete a short medical history that covers information about allergies and medical conditions that may impact on your dental treatment. Please download the medical history form to print out and complete, and bring it with you when you have your first appointment. Thank you.